The Canadian Pardon Services Information

If you were convicted of a criminal offence, but you have completed your sentence, and you have demonstrated to be a law-abiding citizen, you can be issued a Canadian pardon services. The pardon can allow your criminal records to be kept apart and separate from other criminal records. The federal government of Canada handles issuing the pardons. Therefore, the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) search will indicate that you were granted a pardon, or it will not display that you had a criminal record.

You will experience many adverse effects with a criminal record without a pardon from the federal government of Canada. It may prevent you from receiving mortgages, car loans, students’ loans, or getting the job you want. Additionally, it can create a wall between you and the assistance from the government, such assistance includes grants and child support. Moreover, it may also cause you high insurance rates. A criminal record can also cause you social limitations, emotional scars, loss of respect and embarrassment from other people.

The Canadian pardon services undertakes all the procedures and steps that are necessary for removing your criminal records including the U.S entry waivers, fingerprint destruction, photograph, purges, and pardon. Before applying for a pardon, you must serve for a period. The waiting period begins after you have completed your sentence. A 5-year wait is required for a summary conviction while a ten-year wait is needed for an indictable conviction.

Nevertheless, should a penalty be imposed as part of your sentence your waiting period will begin at the time you pay the fine in full. It is not a must you are a Canadian citizen so as to apply for the pardon. If you are charged under a federal regulation or if you are charged under the National Defense Act you can as well qualify for a Canadian record suspension. To process a Canadian pardon may take between 10-16 months.

Once you are granted a record suspension, the federal and local police departments, as well as the courts are contacted by the Parole Board of Canada to remove your criminal record from their files.