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Youth Employment Regulations


Youth of a country is regarded as the nation’s future and for that reason it is crucial shield them from exploitation during work and to guide these in the correct courses. Work according to law1 is described as the human attempt whether intellectual, physical or technical, applied in return for a wage it can be temporary or permanent in nature. The national law no. 8 of 1980 concerning the regulations of labour relations (hereinafter called ‘the law’) provides for specific provisions for the youth of the country. Article 20 to article 26 of the law pertains to controlling a youth’s employment states and the same, the current post assesses and discusses.

First, it’s vital that you realize who all come within the definition of the expression ‘youth’. The term isn’t defined in the law that was current and for that reason the overall significance of the term will be looked into. In general terms, the term ‘youth’ means the period of life which comes between maturity and childhood. The age till which someone can be said to be in youth isn’t mentioned but post 86 of the Federal Law no. 5 of 1985 pertaining to the Civil Transactions Law of the United Arab Emirates State, someone enters the age of discretion in the age of 7 and additional article 85 of the exact same law provides that a man in UAE enters the age of majority at 21 years of age. So considering the age below 7 years as childhood as well as the age of and above 21 to be maturity, a youth’s age ought to be between 21 years of age and 7 years.

The current article deals with the controlling provisions for the youth’s employment. Article 20 of the law provides for a minimal age for a youth to be used, it supplies that a youth of either of the sex needs to have completed a minimum of 15 years of age for being used. Thus, the controlling provisions for employment of youth are appropriate to youth between the age of 15 years and 21years old. Employing a youth below age 15 years in the United Arab Emirates state would not be legal. Consequently article 21 of the law provides for measures to be taken by means of an employer to verify the exact age of the youth before using himor her. The company is designed to keep a personal file for the youth and is under duty to keep records giving evidence of the youth’s exact age . These files must be kept in the youth’s private file:

1. A birth certificate or an official extract or an age estimate certification issued by a physician that is relevant and authenticated by the competent health authorities. (for confirmation and evidence of how the youth is of employable age)

2. A certification of well-being fitness for the occupation that was necessary authenticated and issued by a qualified physician.

3. A written approval of the youth’s guardian or trustee.

Additionally, the law provides for a particular register being maintained by the containing vital info concerning the youth in the work place by the Company. The said register would be to include information about the name and age of the work, the entire name of the guardian or trustee thereof, the location of residence, date of employment as well as the youth. The date of employment will be to verify the youth was of employable age. The youth’s work function needs as youths are allowed to do work just that’s regarded as safe for them to be assigned. Article 24 of the law provides that employment of youth in in such or dangerous, strenuous states which are bad for the youth’s health states is prohibited. Environment and the conditions which are thought to be dangerous and dangerous to the youth’s wellness are determined by virtue of decision. Here just the physical well-being of the youth is taken into consideration but with effect of a change the provision for safeguarding the head as well as the mental health also needs to be added in the current law as youth is an age where the head imprints very fast and readily and therefore it is crucial to keep it away from unethical, immoral and illegal actions.